Abubakar Ismail Kankara is a Nigerian freelance multimedia journalist, IT expert, business career consultant, motivational author, climate advocate, humanitarian, and professional production and operations manager.

The founder and CEO of AIACCESS CONTRACTORS, and the Publisher & Managing Editor of DAILY EPISODE.

As a Journalist 

I am an independent, dedicated journalist who covers underreported stories, in-depth investigations, and fearlessly reports on corruption and insecurity in Nigeria.

I am regularly hired to film documentary shorts, features, television interviews, and docu-style commercials.

As an IT Expert

My goal is to become the world’s premier innovation lab.

I am an SEO expert, Professional Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, Web Standards, Web interoperability, and Data Analyst with 7 years of experience.

I design best-selling responsive & fast-loading websites. I’m a world-class digital marketing strategist your business will be proud to have.

As a Production & Operations Manager

I design targeted portfolios, production inputs, and outputs. My consultancy speaks of results in a turnover, customer demand, targeted quality, and efficient production.

bubakar Ismail Kankara

A visionary, experienced business with a passion for excellence, and have vast experience in entrepreneurship.

Production & Operations Management

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